another cook-a-thon

Today I was snowed in and took advantage of that by cooking all day. Also yesterday evening, I made this. It’s pretty good for a super healthy version of a bad for you treat. 

Today while the snow fell I made:

  • The buffalo tofu wings I made last time I posted.
  • Easy apple pies for an apple pie milkshake from Spork-Fed (my newest cookbook)
  • Vegan home style “chicken” from Happy Herbivore, it’s basically seitan cooked chicken style with gravy. It’s really good and has a really good texture and no weird taste.
  • Cheese crisps and vegan fettuccine Alfredo, also from Spork Fed.

I ended up doing tons of dishes, and my back kind of hurts from being over the stove/sink all day. But I had delicious foods!

My non vegan brother and boyfriend really liked the alfredo with cheese crisps.

Here is a picture of it.

alfredo vegan style